Agriturismi in different areas

September 24, 2019 Uncategorized

In Perugia, located at the top of a hill with woods and forests of the Apennines, the agriturismo offers 11 refined rooms, traditional Umbrian cuisine and wellness location. Farmhouse surrounded by nature a few steps from Montepulciano and Lake Trasimeno. Farmhouse located in the ancient city of Siena, offers accommodation in rooms and apartments and unwind moments in the garden and in the courtyard. Farmhouse located in the green hills of the Crete Senesi, offers accommodation in apartments renovated and furnished in Tuscan style, surrounded by a picturesque landscape.

The agritourism farm is located on the border between Tuscany and Lazio, in the Maremma countryside. Farmhouse immersed in the green hills of the province of Viterbo, which has comfortable apartments obtained from the renovation of old stone farmhouses. Farmhouse in the heart of Tuscia, offers accommodation in comfortable rooms within a structure with swimming pool that also organizes food and wine courses.

The organic farm, a few km from Rome, is surrounded by 17 hectares of olive groves, orchards, fields and woods. Among the farms in the province of Pesaro and Urbino stands the Agriturismo Castellago Acqualagna Marche, a country house nestled on a hill, you can enjoy a sweet rest and engage in immersive activities surrounded by nature. In the hinterland, just a few minutes from the sea of ​​Finale Ligure, a family-run farmhouse that offers traditional cuisine and generates fruit and vegetables from its own land.

Between sea and mountains, with a unique view, the farm offers comfortable apartments for a relaxing holiday in Liguria. The agriturismo is immersed in the countryside adjacent to the Adda Nord Park, near the Villoresi canal and the Martesana canal. Women and Food as well as being a book that talks about nutritional evolution on the part of women, from the Middle Ages up to contemporary society (Bruno Mondadori), according to my point of view a woman is the kitchen, but the woman could be compared also to a plate of pasta, you can like it you can not like, there are those who like a little pasta for those who like a normal dish and those who like abundant. Import is always taken in moderation in both cases. When it comes to food and restaurants for us, lovers of cooking is always a pleasure, but when we talk about restaurants where you eat well and very, you spend little, treat you in an exceptional way then in that case the pleasure becomes I can say with my great pleasure to have found another restaurant where the only talk is pleasant, let alone sit at the table and restaurant today is the farm Fire.

An excellent alternative to the restaurant in the city, it could be the farmhouse immersed in the most folkloristic countryside in Urbino. On the hills of Paestum, in the Cilento National Park, the farm offers itself as a location for events and ceremonies. Nestled in the heart of Cilento, overlooking the enchanting Gulf of Sapri, the farm is the ideal place to spend a peaceful holiday surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Farm reported by the National Park of Cilento, a few km from the sea of ​​Capo Palinuro. Surrounded by greenery, overlooking the Gulf of Gaeta, the family-run farm will welcome its guests with warmth, offering typical dishes of Campania cuisine. Farmhouse “Ai Pavoni di Trevisan Luciano, 60 km from Venice, ten daConegliano, 10 km from Sacile, ten km from Oderzo, in the Treviso countryside where you find the simplicity of the Treviso cuisine, with its salted cheeses, game, fruit and vegetables in season at your disposal a large room to celebrate birthdays any meeting as well as large spaces for Pic-Nic with barbeque in order to taste the delicious snacks with our products.

Farmhouse with swimming pool and restaurant 3 km from Scansano in a panoramic position on the Maremma. Just 13 km from Florence, delightful farmhouse in a 1500 farmhouse with breathtaking views, surrounded by green hills. At the edge of a beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, just 2 km from the sea, the farm welcomes guests in charming apartments with a rustic flavor.

In addition to the simple and genuine hospitality, the farm offers a catering service that uses products to km enhancing the almost forgotten flavors of the typical dishes. Farmhouse in the hills of San Miniato offers unwind stays to discover the gastronomic specialties of Tuscany among woods, olive trees and stars. Farmhouse in the green of the moraine hills, a short distance from Lake Garda.

Family-run Agriturismo a few steps from Lake Como, offers breakfast and dinner with a fixed menu by reservation for all guests in the rooms. Farmhouse located 7 km from Lake Garda consists of an old farmhouse from the late 1700s with rooms and restaurant. Farmhouse in a WWF oasis in the Park of Montevecchia 20 km from Lake Como, with charming accommodation and organic restaurant.