What are the benefits and requirements to become an Agriturismo?

May 7, 2019 Uncategorized

Agriturismo means farmhouse in English. These are locations where guests can book farmhouses or rooms for some time. They can get food, fresh environment, farm life and much more while staying there. But how the Agriturismo owners earn their money? How are they able to get benefit from all this? Well, when the government of the Italy made Agriturismo a legal thing then a law was proposed to handle issues related to Agriturismo. It allowed farmers who moved back to their homes from city to earn a profit.

What are the requirements for an Agriturismo?

The first and an essential prerequisite of becoming a farmhouse like an Agriturismo are that you must have a working farm of any kind. If the farm is more traditional and it produces oil, olive oil, and meat, then it is great. A farm that produces vegetables and herbs is also considerable. The second requirement can be that the products that farmers are producing at the farm can be used in the preparation of food for the visitors. The vegetables must be fresh for making salads; the fruits can be used for making breakfast, the olive oil can be used to make typical dishes. Most of these farms also sell these products directly to the visitors. These are the activities which help a farm in generating money. The more the tourism, the more a farm can generate money and the more they can progress in agriculture and tourism field.

What are the benefits of Agriturismo?

After you have an Agriturismo approved by the government and is according to the laws of the government of your area, you can give rooms or the whole house to the guests where they can stay and enjoy their weekends or vacations. They will offer you money, and they can also purchase products that are produced by you at the farms. The visitors can also be helpful in getting a grant from the government because this grant of opening an Agriturismo is not free. So, most of the times, an owner has to pay money to open an Agriturismo to the government. The tax is also applicable to the concept that has to be paid. On the other hand, Agriturismo helps in selling products of the farm to the guests. You can also sell wine for eight to ten Euros. In this way, as a farmer, you can earn a good profit to live your life happily.