Myths about Agriturismo that every tourist should know

May 6, 2019 Uncategorized

An Agriturismo is an independent farm owned by a farmer where they can grow vegetables, fruits and make wine for people and for selling in the market. An Agriturismo (farmhouse) can also be used to rent to individuals who love staying at these locations for lunch, dinner or at vacations or weekends. Most of the times, the owners of these farmhouses are the farmers, which means that you can live with the real farmers if you are renting a farmhouse of a farmer. Some businessperson also has farmhouses which they use as a business. They hire some farmers and managers to keep the farmhouse alive. The rooms are built as you can expect in a farmhouse or an annex built nearby.

An Agriturismo is not like a hotel, and it differs from them in many ways. A hotel has a dedicated reception and many other qualities like separate rooms and employees, but a farmhouse is much different than these hotels. Usually, a farmer owns an Agriturismo and is managed by him/her or his/her family. The food they offer at their farmhouse is made of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farms and is healthier than offered at some hotels. The view of the sky, fields will make you feel like in heaven, and the fresh air will break the ice off your mind. Here are some myths about an Agriturismo that a tourist must be aware of:

  • A guest must stay for a week to experience an Agriturismo:

Well, this is a myth that most of the people think is true. They believe that to experience this farmhouse life in a much better way; they have to stay there for a week or more. It isn’t true; a person can stay there as much as he wants. Most of the farmhouses allow you to stay as much as you want. You can stay for a night or a whole day. The farmers are very kind and cooperative. So, no need to worry about that.

  • An Agriturismo don’t have high-end amenities:

Generally, the Agriturismo are the farmhouses where there are no amenities that you are looking for. If you are a person who wants the internet, daily cleaning of rooms, luxury and other facilities, then you might not find them in some. But, there are new Agriturismos where a person can find all the luxurious things that they need. From Wi-Fi to daily cleaning and TV, air conditioner and furnished rooms are also available.

  • You cannot live alone:

This myth is more popular than the above two. That is the reason that most of the visitors don’t visit Agriturismo. They think that privacy is not offered at these farmhouses and they have to live with other families. It isn’t right. Many Agriturismo allow their guests to live alone as they want. Just live above mentioned luxurious farmhouses. You can live as you want in the.