What is an Agriturismo? Everything you need to know:

Agriturismo is the way with which guests or visitors can experience local culture especially environments like farms. There are rooms available in farm houses which customers can book for their visit. A person can dig deep into the culture of a particular area by booking a farmhouse near their visit or any location.  Here is all about Agriturismo:

What is Agriturismo?

The word Agriturismo is an Italian word which means “Farmhouse” in English. It is the combination of two words, ‘agricoltura’ and ‘Turismo.’ The word agricoltura means agriculture and Turismo mean tourism. An Agriturismo is a farm that is designed for tourists or guest. The visitors can arrive for food (lunch, dinner), vacations, or for both. The setup offers services to these visitors on demand. They can book rooms they want and enjoy the life at the farm with fresh air and vegetables. The guests can also enjoy fresh fruits of the farm and everything else that you can find there. But Agriturismo is a term that is specifically for Italy. That is why it is for Italians. For people of other countries, this term is translated according to their language. In English, it means a ‘Farmhouse.’

Origin of Agriturismo:

Italian farms are different from the farms in other countries like America. The farmers have a lot of crops and cattle for profit. They work hard to make money for their children. An old farm in Italy was no more than 25 acres. You might be shocked with this because you cannot imagine a legitimate income from this piece of land. These farms are known as Agriturismo in Italy.

In 1960’s Italy, the profit dropped from these lands and the farms that were used to be a source of food and income for large families now housed just small families. Most of the farmers were forced to leave their homes and move to the city for proper work. The time passed, and the farms moved on.

After this, the generations of the Italy were worried about the disappearing of farming from the culture. That is when the concept of Agriturismo became popular. The government came with this idea to support farmers of Italy that were struggling hard to get back their lives. They were not able to earn a profit and generate income. But after the official recognition of this concept from the government, the farmers started making their life back and got their farms back. The money they earned from the tourism was now spent on the farms, and hence they got their happy lives back. Agriturismo is now very popular in Italy and is a very maintainable tourism.